ATM security system. Device Integrity Maintenance for ATM,
POS, Kiosks and Other Unattended Systems

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 About TPSecure

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  • Comprehensive protection against internal and external threats

  • No need for updates or manual reconfiguration after patching

  • Helps organizations meet PCI DSS compliance

  • Easy integration into existing IT infrastructure

  • Individualized installations enabling incorporation of customer-specific functionality

  • Flexible delivery includes binary libraries (SDK) and source code

Supported Platforms

  • Devices:
    • SoftControl TPSecure supports any device running Microsoft Windows Embedded and WEPOS, including ATMs, POS, kiosks, etc.

  • Workstations:
    • Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32/64 Bit)
    • 150 MB free hard disk space

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  • About Safe`n`Sec Corporation:
    Safe`n`Sec Corporation is a leading developer of cutting edge information-security software solutions developed from the ground up to provide proactive protection. The unique VIPO (Valid Inside Permitted Operations) technology grew out of work in digital rights management, leading to the companys focus on preserving system and application integrity.

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SoftControl TPSecure - protects ATMs, POS systems, kiosks, and other electronic self-service devices


SoftControl TPSecure protects ATMs, POS systems, kiosks, and other electronic self-service devices (ATMs and kiosks) against unauthorized data access and software changes by service personnel or hackers.

The SoftControl TPSecure Approach

The SoftControl approach to security has its roots in digital rights management, where the goal is to preserve the integrity of the system rather than try to identify every malicious action attempted on that system. The technology behind this process, VIPO (Valid Inside Permitted Operations), is a unique and highly-effective architecture that efficiently monitors and processes all system activity for unexpected and/or unauthorized activities.

SoftControl TPSecure delivers three levels of security:

  • Only authorized applications are permitted to be launched
  • A secure environment in which potentially-vulnerable applications can be executed
  • Control over the activities any application is permitted to perform, by whom, and with the use of what devices

SoftControl TPSecure preserves device integrity with minimal impact on maintenance tasks and maximum flexibility. The system can be locked down completely, or applications can be executed in a secure environment, or individual or group policies can be applied that enable applications to be used for predetermined purposes and/or in predetermined circumstances only.

SoftControl TPSecure

SoftControl TPSecure is the ideal solution to protect unattended and other self-service devices with either high or low bandwidth, where regular patching and updates are not possible.

Integration with ATM automated processing systems and other specialized applications

SoftControl TPSecure can be customized to seamlessly provide protection for ATM automatic processing applications and other specialized, high-risk applications:

  • Application consistency control. Control over program code changes ensures that applications cannot be launched if the executable code has been modified.
  • Application executable code protection. Executable modules are protected against modification by other applications.
  • Application data protection. Read/write access to application data files and registry keys related to all other applications can be disabled.

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